About Us


We are Joe & Lauren, a travel couple otherwise known as Two That Tour. We are 26 & 27 years old and we decided to leave everything at home and travel as much of the world as we can.

We want to document our travels not only for our friends & family to see, but to share with others. Our aim is to offer our travel tips to other travellers in the hope that they get genuine and realistic advice & information from us. Neither of us are professional photographers or writers, we are just like everyone else and enjoy learning along the way.

Sabang Beach
Sabang Hidden Beach

Where it all started…

We met 3 years ago on a beach in Croatia and from the beginning, Joe always said he wanted to go travelling. It was just the matter of when & how. Although, I had travelled a bit when I was younger, it wasn’t to the scale that he was thinking and I wasn’t going to turn up the opportunity to travel the world with him. So we started making a plan!

Originally living in Worcester, I made the step of getting a job and moving into a flat with Joe in Hampshire. We both had full time jobs and started the process of saving money. I worked as a Fostering Recruitment Officer & Joe as a mechanical technician. However, It wasn’t always very easy. We had other important outgoings such as bills and mortgage payments but every month we tried to put away as much as we could. Unfortunately, this sometimes meant saying no to nights out with friends or missing out on stag & hen dos which was annoying but we kept having to remember the end goal. Our nights out turned into nights in with a DIY pizza from Morrisons and a film on Netflix, which also meant dragging our friends round to join us.

Fast forward to May 2018.

Joe finished his rugby season, we both quit our jobs and put the flat up for rent. We moved all of our belongings & furniture into storage, packed a bag each and headed off onto our massive adventure.

We don’t really have a plan of where were going or when, we just have an idea of places we would love to tick off our list. Although our list of places and where to go keeps getting bigger & bigger.

We take each day as it comes and decide from there what we are doing next. Thats the best thing about travelling right?

It’s our own adventure.


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