Things to do in Busan

Visiting Busan?

There is never a dull moment in South Korea. You have the hustle and bustle in the day and then the streets come alive at night. Being the second largest city in the country, there is never a lack of things to do in Busan. It suits everyone’s needs, interests, capabilities and more. There isn’t anything more you could want.


With nearly 4 million residents Busan is a busy and non stop city. It is surrounded by mountains, rivers and sea, filling it with beautiful nature and colour. It is also great for weather as although the city has 4 distinct seasons, the climate here never gets too hot or too cold. It’s like having a forever Autumn.As it’s just a short 2.5 hours from Seoul, it makes a popular destination in South Korea and definitely a must to visit. There are plenty of things to do in Busan, so take a look and book your next trip!

#1 best place to visit in Asia

According to The Lonely Planet, Busan in named the number one best place to visit in Asia.¬† We’re really not surprised! South Korea has completely exceeded our expectations and Busan in particular is absolutely beautiful.

So what is there to do in Busan?

Gamcheon Culture Village

Known as the ‘Machu Picchu’ & ‘Santorini’ of South Korea, Gamcheon Culture Village is a popular tourist attraction and the one of the main things to do in Busan. It is a beautiful coloured village situated in the side of the a mountain and it was originally a place where refugee’s ran to during the Korean War. However, in 2009, the government decided to renovate the village and transform it into a village full of colour and murals, making it a must see site for tourists.


Everywhere you look, there will at least be some sort of painting or structure. Its definitely a place where you can get lost and enjoy every moment. The village is also full of cute little cafes, coffee shops & mini museums. It full of photo opportunities if thats what you want? Aswell, you can grab a map and it will show you all the popular art murals for you to stamp off on your way round.


Gamcheon Culture is free to enter and it all depends on what you want to buy to how cheap you make it. There are tons are food options with food vendors and cafe’s, but it might be worth taking some food in with you to snack on your way round. Keep things cheap ūüôā

How to get there?

  • Take Orange Line 1 to Toseong Station. Come out via Exit 6.
  • Turn right on the street until you see a hospital on you right.
  • Wait for bus 2 or 2-2, which will take you straight to the village. You’ll know when you there by signs or the amount of people getting off at the stop.

Go watch a Baseball Game

We have never been to a baseball game, so when we heard it was a thing to do in South Korea, we had to go! As soon as we arrived in Busan, we were told there was one on that night. Although we have never been to an American baseball game, I can imagine it is very different to a Korean one. We were in for a treat! It was one of our favourite things to do in Busan.

How to get there?

  • Head straight to Sports Complex station. From there, there are signs straight to the stadium and it is about a 10 min walk.

How much does it cost?

Ticket prices vary depending on where you want to sit. We bought the cheapest tickets available at 7000 won each which put us in quite good seats. However, when we got into the stadium, it was’nt sold out and there were a number of empty seats. We pretty much just walked around and chose the best seats for us. We had a great view but to be honest, we were more interested in watching the enthusiasm of the Korean crowd than the baseball, it was great!!

Is there food there?

One of the great things about the baseball is that you can take as much food and drink in there as you can carry. Unfortunately, we didn’t know this so we ended up buying beer and pizza for silly prices. Although, we thought we can’t really come to a baseball game and not have beer and pizza. Were all about once in a lifetime moments. We weren’t going to be doing this again so we thought, why not?! Although there are tons of food and drink places inside the stadium, I definitely recommend you taking in your own stuff ūüôā


Be prepared for a lot of music, jingles & chants. The music there is something else and it definitely gets the crowd going! It was such an incredible experience and if you are ever in Busan, I highly recommend you going!

Visit Bay 101

Bay 101 is located in the Haeundae area and is becoming a popular tourist site due to beautiful nightscape. Being a yacht club, it looks very fancy and is full of cafes, restaurants and food spots. Which as you can imagine, are pretty pricey! It’s simply a really pretty place to see at night time with the reflection of the lights on the water and to sit and chill. Bare in mind, everyone goes for a photo opportunity. So you might find yourself in a queue of people wanting that perfect shot.

How to get there?

Head to Dongbaek Station (line 2, exit 2). Take the exit and walk straight forward along Dongdaek-ro to reach The Bay 101 on your right. It will take you about 11 mins to walk.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

This temple, also known as ‘The Water Temple’ is situated on a cliff top, this temple is a rare find due to its location. Most temples in Korea are found in the mountains but this one is incredibly different and beautiful. The temple is full of colour and looks straight out onto the ocean. Unfortunately, we made the mistake of visiting on a Sunday. It was absolutely rammed with people!! Dont make the same mistake. Head there on a weekday and you could even try to watch the beautiful sunrise there!

Free Admission 

How to get there?

Many people¬†go¬†from Haeundae Station (Busan Subway Line 2) and then take a bus that you can find from Exit 7. Take Bus 181 and¬†get¬†off at the¬†YonggungsaTemple (žö©Í∂Āžā¨) stop. The trip by bus should take about an hour and is the much cheaper route ūüôā

Gwangalli Beach

This was our favourite beach in Busan, so if you want to chill, have a beach day or watch the sunset then here is definitely the place to go. I’m sure in the summer season, crowds of people head there but this time in October, it was perfect. The beach is big, clean and just what you want really. Its got a great view of the skyscrapers of Bay 101 and is perfect in the evening.


How to get there?

Getting to the beach is easy. The closest metro station to Gwangalli beach is Gwangan Station and then walk 5 minutes. If you want to get the bus, take a bus from Busan Station city bus No. 41, 42, 140, 239, 240, 139 and get off at Gwangalli Beach.

Where to stay in Busan?

Like everywhere else in South Korea, accommodation can get quite pricey. It something we have had to accept and just try to make everything else cheap to balance it out. We stayed in a great hostel just 1 min walk from Busan Station, so perfect location! The rooms were clean & comfy, they had a common room and kitchen downstairs and overall, just a a great hostel. Would highly recommend if your visiting Busan.

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