Day: September 15, 2018

travel tips

How to get around Singapore

Are you planing a trip but not to sure how to get around Singapore? Dont’ worry because we were in the same position. We knew it was going to be a busy place so guessed public transport would be the best option. So if your wondering about how, what and where, here’s a guide and all you need to know about how to get around Singapore. The MRT Singapore’s MRT, rightly known as mass rapid […]

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The best place to visit in Cambodia

Paradise in Cambodia? Do you want do something different in Cambodia rather than spending days visiting temples? I mean the temples are incredible but for us, we were able to find paradise. Here’s a guide to finding the best place to visit in Cambodia. We had only heard little snippets of this place. We didn’t really know where it was or what it was like. We just kept getting told that we had to go […]

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