Best places to eat in Beijing

Where to eat in Beijing…

The food in China is amazing and our expectations were completely wrong. We want others to experience all the yummy food there is to offer, so here is a guide to 5 best places to eat in Beijng.

Beijing was the first stop on our travelling adventure and it was one of our favourite places in China. Being the capital of China, we had big expectations and knew that it would be full of things to do and places to eat. We weren’t wrong. We experienced some amazing food in China, some quite cheap and some on more of the expensive scale. When in China thought right?

We knew we would never be too adventurous with our food as neither of us are great with eating stuff to out of the norm. No way were we going to be eating chicken fit or intestine or tongue. All of which filled the menu’s in China. However, luckily enough, Joe had family living in Beijing who helped us experience some yummy places!! We were able to go to the best places to eat in Beijing.

Moka Bro’s

On our first night we went to this restaurant and after a long long flight from Heathrow, it was just what we needed. It isn’t a huge restaurant but has a range of seating inside and outside and has comfy cushioned areas to chill out on. It has a very relaxed, chilled atmosphere and offers quick bites or big dinners. Its definitely more of a healthy option as we chose to have what they called a ‘Power Bowl’. Which were huge and a decent price. There full of rice of noodles with vegetables and your choice of meat. Perfect for post-gym workout!


Image result for moka bros beijing power bowl

In & Out

We were taken to this restaurant with no idea what to expect. We weren’t really used to the variety of Chinese food yet so we gave the responsibility to our friend to order. We had quite a selection of vegetable dishes, sticky pineapple rice (in a pineapple), pork ribs and grilled fish. We had so much more but these were our favourite. They even provided gloves for our pork ribs! The grilled fish was probably our favourite and was our first experience digging into it with chopsticks. This restaurant was a little pricier but it would depend on how much and what you ordered. If your with a group of people, its great to get a selection what everyone likes and then you can all tuck in!


Mr Shi’s dumpings.

A popular one for many people in Beijing. Its tucked away down some side streets so a little difficult to find. It doesn’t look like a fancy restaurant and when you see it you might wonder why were recommending it. However, once you’ve had the dumpings there, you’ll probably find yourself back there the next day. They offer a variety of meat & vegetable dumping whether they are fried, grilled or fresh. Again, if your with a group of people, just order a variety of dishes and then you can all share the different types. They even have a massive wall where you can write on, which you’ll find our instagram handle :). This is a cheaper option and is perfect because the food is so good. Great to stop off at in the day while your exploring.

Sheng Yang Xing

When we found out Beijing is known for their roast duck, we knew we had to go try it out. If you fancy a bit of luxury, head to this restaurant. As you head into the restaurant, you pass a section of the kitchen where they have the roast duck spinning & all the chefs cooking.

We ordered two roast ducks which came with all the trimmings such as the plum sauce, pancakes, onion & cucumber. It was like a fancy Chinese take away from back home. The chef bought out the duck on this small cart and chopped it all up infant of us. It was laid out all so beautifully and the vegetables and sauce came in this divided dish individually for everyone. It was definitely more of a luxury dinner and the prices reflected that so it really does depend on your budget and what you want.


Jinga Brew Pub

If you’ve been travelling for a while or just want a taste of back home, Jinga Brew Pub is the place to go. It has a pub, bar like atmosphere as it quite dark when you walk in and has a variety of tables and booths to sit at. The menu is full of western food and traditional cocktails that will be sure to take your fancy. Joe & I both had burgers and cocktails and we were stuffed. They even had sweet potato fries, which we definitely miss from home. The prices aren’t too extortionate but definitely have a look first depending on your budget. It might be nice just go for a drink there and mingle with other tourists as it usually is filled with Westerners.Image result for jinga brew pub beijing burgers


We were a bit unsure of what food was going to be like in China. I thought id have to become vegetarian but I didn’t know what meats there were or what would be on offer. I couldnt be more wrong. The food in China was so nice and there was such a variety everywhere we went. Infact there was quite a lot of Western food if thats what you want. However, the food in China is so flavoursome and tasty, you have to experience the food and try to be as adventurous as you can.

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