Beautiful beaches in Koh Samui

We had only been in Koh Samui for a couple of days but it didnt take long to realise there are so many beautiful beaches i Koh Samui. White sands, clear water and absolutely glorious weather. Koh Samui is definitely one of our favourite islands for the beaches, so here are three of our favourite three and recommendations for anyone visiting the beautiful island.

Koh Samui really isnt that big so everything is quite close together. It’s great to get a scooter and explore the island, especially as parking is free at the beaches which is another added bonus.

Here’s a guide to the beautiful beaches in Koh Samui.

Lamai Beach

Lucky for us, this gorgeous beach was right on our doorstop. We stayed in Rich Resort Hotel which was about £12 for a private room with a fan. The hotel was really nice and even better for its location. It was literally just 10 metres from the beach.

Lamai is very big, infact its the second largest on the island. However, it still doesn’t feel busy or touristy at all, which I definitely look for in a beach. I don’t want to be stepping over people or people throwing their sandy towels everywhere. Maybe I’m a bit of a beach snob, but I definitely prefer a quieter beach & Lamai beach was perfect.

The beach had a really good atmosphere and just generally seemed nice & relaxed. The sea was clear and easy to walk in to as a lot of beaches have plenty of rock and coral obstacles. But here at Lamai Beach, the sea was gorgeous and so nice to swim in.

There are also plenty of restaurants along the seafront which all vary in prices and food. We walked along at night time for some dinner and came across a lovely restaurant with cushioned benches surrounded by candles. It looked really fancy but the food was a decent price. I had fried rice with beef for 90 baht and Joe had a burger got 150 baht.

Lamai Beach
Beautiful beaches in Koh Samui


Ban Tai Beach

It depends on where your staying, but Ban Tai was a bit far away from us. We rented a scooter for the day for 200 baht and drove about 30 mins to the north of the island. Although it was quite far, it was a really nice drive. The route took us through little towns and along the coast which gave us some great views.

When we arrived at the beach there was hardly anyone there. Literally just a handful of people. As you came over the bow of the hill, you can immediatly see the incredible blue colours of the sea and the palm trees that tower over the beach. It was a little slice of paradise. The beach was quite narrow but there was plenty of places to lay down and find some shade if needs be. The sea was really shallow so unless you swam quite far out, it was only really ideal if you just wanted to sit down and cool off from the heat. It was pretty perfect for us and our beach day.

There are a few restaurants if you walk further down the beach which vary with prices so definitely shop around before deciding. We found a little restaurant called Boom Bar which did really good food and good prices. We had our favourite Pad Thai for just 90 baht.

If you want somewhere really quiet and peaceful, I would definitely recommend this beach.

Silver Beach otherwise known as Crystal Bay

A beautiful bay just 10 mins from Lamai. This beach is quite a popular one, especially as the whole beach is occupied 4 large hotels. It can get quite busy as even if your not a guest, you can still use the beach. Nevertheless, this beach is still absolutely beautiful. The bay is stunning with rocks either side & crystal clear water perfect for snorkelling. We explored a bit over the rocks and found some really nice little coves that we had all to ourselves. We had to be careful though as the rocks in the water were quite sharp. We kind of just dealt with it as it was so gorgeous. We did try to get food there but we had a look at the menu and the food was quite pricey, probably due to the fancy hotels. Not really in our backpacker budget. We spent a good few hours here bathing in the sunshine and making the most of paradise.


Have you been to Koh Samui? There are so many beautiful beaches in Koh Samui, unfortunatly we were unable to visit them all. The one’s we could were incredible and hope everyone has the chance to see them!

Thailand is simply paradise and every beach is uniquely beautiful.

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