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A modern way of travelling

Near enough, everyone has a smartphone and as much as some people hate to admit it, they are actually really handy. You can research anything you want, get directions or more importantly, speak to someone for free on the other side of the world. Impressive right? There is literally an app for everything and what would you want more on your trip? The 3 best travel apps!

  • Grab
  • Mapsme
  • Easybook

Throughout our travels, we have really relied on our smartphone simply due to the incredible apps that help us. I mean, there are more I’m sure that will help you that may be more relevant to the activities your doing or the country your in but the one’s I want to talk about have made it really easy & convenient for us. If you are about to go travelling or maybe in the middle of your trip, here’s a guide to the 3 best travel apps that will really benefit you. They are all free and so easy to use!

If your from the UK, your more than likely to have heard about Uber. Grab is pretty much the same as Uber but just the South East Asia version. Not only does it provide a taxi service, Grab will deliver food to you, deliver your parcels to you and you can even rent a car to get you around the city. It’s the most convenient service to have and a much cheaper option that getting a normal taxi in the area.

How it works?

One downside to Grab is that you need the internet to book anything. So if you are in need of a taxi, you’ll have to find somewhere with WIFI to book one. With the app, you just share your location and submit your destination. The app will find you a driver, give you a cost of the fare and then give you an estimate time your driver will arrive. What I think is also great is that they will give you the name and numberplate of the driver which will also be saved on the app and sent to your emails. Definitely a much safer option if your travelling on your own. A taxi service you can definitely rely on.

We were so lucky we got told about this before we left as it’s an app I think we use every day. It’s pretty much like google maps but its maps without needing the internet. So where ever you are, along as you have Mapsme, you’ll be able to find your way home. Mapsme not only gives you directions to walk but will also give you the route on public transport and which bus/train to get. Sometimes you have to be a bit patient with it and it does get a bit confused the more built up the area is. However, it is the best and something we have massively relied upon this trip and has been the best travel app.

This app is great is your travelling as It’s the largest land and sea transport in South East Asia. Travelling around SE Asia is so easy to get around by bus or train, every backpacker experiences it. A lot of hotels or hostels have a list of transport to get to various destinations, but sometimes it can be easier and more convenient to book it yourself. If you download the Easybook app, it will give you various times and costs then once you’ve signed up, you can review your bookings and even get deals to your next destination.

Obviously when using your smartphone you always have to be careful. Hold on to it while walking around and always check you have it when getting out of a taxi or off public transport. It holds alot of information and so many of your precious travel photos! Our smartphone has massively helped us on our trip and they really have been the best travel apps for us.

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