Hiking Two Brother’s Hill

Morro Dois Irmaos- “The Two Brothers Hill”

Brazil is such an incredible place and Rio De Janeiro does not disappoint. It’s one of Brazil’s most popular destination and frequently visited by thousands of tourists. Although it’s not the biggest city in Brazil, it’s definitely the main attraction probably because of Copacabana Beach. However, for us, Two Brother’s Hill tops it all. If you’re looking for something to take your breath away, Two Brother’s Hill is all that you need. It is the most iconic view in Rio!

A real life postcard…

Two Brother’s Hillisn’t the highest in Rio De Janeiro, but it doesn’t take long and it isn’t a difficult hike. There is no need to spend money on a tour, you can do it by yourself. So with that in mind, considering the view you get, there isn’t really any reason why you shouldn’t go. Infact, it should be on the top of your things for things to do in Rio.


So how do you get there?

Unless you can find a bus stop near, I would probably recommend getting an Uber to the entrance. There really cheap and a safe way to get around. As so many people do this hike, Uber drivers are really familiar with where to go. So head to the entrance of the Vidigal Favela which is located near Leblon Beach. Like I said, this hike is really popular so there are plenty of tourists around, its not like you’ll be dropped off in the middle of no where.

A Moto Taxi?

As soon as you arrive, you will see a group of men wearing matching high-vis jackets standing next to a load of motorbikes. They know exactly what your going to ask them so there isn’t really a chance for discussion. They just hand you over a helmet and you hop on. For just 3 Reais, they take you right to the beginning of the hike. Just make sure you hold on. They road’s can get quite narrow and there is a lot of dodging and going around other vehicles. Don’t worry, they do it all the time so they definitely know what their doing. You’ll know where to start as the entrance is just along side a football field, so once your there you can start climbing!

Starting your hike…

The path is really easy to find. It’s walked by many people every day so a lot of it is worn down and it’s pretty obvious where to go. It can get quite steep and some of it is literally climbing up rocks, over tree stumps and through narrow gaps. Kind of makes it more fun.The hike takes about an hour but that can vary on how fast or slow you chose to go. I would probably recommend getting up there early, you don’t really want to come down in the park.

What’s great about this hike is that there isn’t just one view.

Infact, i think we went past 4 or 5 that we stopped to take a picture. Each one we thought, “surely it can’t get better than this” and each one did get better and better. It’s quite nice to stop and have a break as-well, just take it all in. We did get to one point and I said to Joe, “wow can’t believe we made it” and we still had about 30 mins to go! So even from there, the view was insane!


Wow, wow & Wow!

When you reach the top of Two Brother’s Hill, it really is the most incredible view and the best one we have seen on our travels. It’s the kind of moment when you just stop and think “wow!”. You’ll probably say that over and over again. Right at the top there is a large rock face that everyone sits on to just take it all in. It’s great for photos and just nice to sit and chill. We even took up some sandwiches up so was nice to have a little lunch.

Best thing to do in Rio!!

Hiking up Two Brother’s Hill, is one of the best things to do in Rio and needs to be done on a sunny day. We did it when it was beautiful weather and about 30 degrees. Was a hot one! You definitely don’t want to do it on a cloudy day and the path would become quite slippy & muddy if you try and do it if its been raining.

What you need to take with you…
  • Small change for the Moto-Taxi
  • Lunch or snacks.
  • Plenty of water
  • Sun cream
  • Camera
  • Sturdy shoes/trainers. Flip flops wouldn’t be a good idea.



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