How to get around Singapore

Are you planing a trip but not to sure how to get around Singapore?

Dont’ worry because we were in the same position. We knew it was going to be a busy place so guessed public transport would be the best option. So if your wondering about how, what and where, here’s a guide and all you need to know about how to get around Singapore.


Singapore’s MRT, rightly known as mass rapid transit, is probably the best way to travel around the city. There are so many stations around the city, meaning that most of Singapore’s key attractions are within walking distance from any MRT station. It’s a pretty easy system aswell and doesn’t seem as intimidating as the London Underground, if you’ve ever been. I mean, obviously it does get busier during peak times but if your not sure, just try to avoid those times. It’s probably the best way of how to get around Singapore.


You can buy tickets for single trips in every entrance of the MRT station. There are plenty of machines to use or ticket booths if you need a little extra help. Once you purchase your ticket, keep hold of it. If you continue to use it 6 times, you receive a 10cent discount on your final purchase. I know it doesn’t seem a lot but it’s re-cycling your card and every penny counts 🙂

Cost of Tickets

We were so happy to know that tickets for the MRT are actually a decent price, considering Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world. To get across to one stop is just $1 and will obviously increase the longer the journey. However, the maximum cost of a journey will only be around $5!


This card is probably the best and most cost effective ticket to buy. It depends on what your plan is for the next few days and whether you will be travelling around the city. You can buy different packages, but it basically gives you unlimited travel.

1 day- $10

2 days- $16

3 days- $20

The initial cost of the card is $5 which is non-refundable and then the remaining money is for you to use and to be topped up accordingly. You can top up your card up to $500 and won’t expire for another 5 years.

It’s a really handy card to have as it can be used on buses & taxi’s as well and also food & leisure outlets. Even if you need to do a little shopping, it can be used at retailers.

More ways of how to travel around Singapore?

By taxi…

We have taken a couple of taxi’s just for convenience really and when carrying our heavy rucksacks. They were reliable, comfy and nicely cooled with air-con! You can hail taxi down fro the side of the road, or ask your hostel/hotel to order you one. They are more expensive than public transport and are charged by the meter. We took a 10 minute taxi that cost us $7, so more pricey but it was better than walking and travelling with all our bags.

By Bus…

Travelling around by bus is just as easy as the MRT and I suppose its more scenic. There are numerous bus routes that surround the city and direct to popular tourist spots. You can use your EZ-Link card which is handy to have once you know how to get around Singapore. Just take your card on the reader located next to the driver as you board. Remember to tap your card when you exit. However, if you don’t have a Ez-Link card, you can use cash, but make sure you have the right change.

Now do you know how to get around Singapore?

We absolutely love Singapore and I think the convenience of public transport is one of the reasons why. There is so much to do in the city, so its great that the MRT & buses have direct routes there.

We were so unsure about how to get around Singapore and what it would be like, but its become so easy to us. Well, Joe usually knows the way and I just follow but Im definitely getting used to it and love the city even more so.

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