Iguazu Falls

All you need to know when visiting Iguazu Falls

Ever seen a waterfall of this magnitude? Or did you even think somewhere like this existed? Iguazu Falls is one of the most incredible things we have seen on our travels. A place that we didn’t expect to be so surreal and amazing. We knew it was big and we knew it would be pretty spectacular but we had no idea how beautiful and breathtaking it was going to be. Iguazu Falls needs to be at the top of your bucket-list and something you definitely need to experience.

Iguazu Falls spans at 1.7 miles in width and features around 275 waterfalls. The size of this waterfall is something you can’t really get your head around. When we first saw it, it really did take our breath away and I think we said “oh my god” hundreds of times. I’m not surprised it has been named one of The Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

So how do you actually get there?

We decided to fly to Iguazu as the cost of a flight compared to a bus was about the same. The only difference was that a flight took 2 hours and a bus takes nearly 20. It wasn’t a hard decision for us.

There are two international airports close to Iguzu Falls on the Argentinian and Brazilian side, both offering direct flights from big cities. I’d recommend booking your flights in advance though as they can get a little pricey.

Iguazu Falls- Argentina Side

Opening Hours; 8am-6pm

Admissiong fee; 600 Peso’s

Getting there…

If you are visiting the falls on the Argentinian side, you will most likely stay in Puerto Iguazu. It’s only a short bus journey away and it literally takes you to the entrance of the falls. If you head to the bus station in the centre of town, you can buy you ticket there and then. The bus takes around 20 mins and costs 260 Peso’s for a return ticket.

The Argentina side of the falls is much larger than the Brazil side…

Infact about 80% of the falls are situated in Argentina so there is a lot more ground to cover when viewing the falls and walking around. You can easily spend a good 5-6 hours at these falls, taking photos, walking around and getting the best views. Grab a map and make the most of the nature and wildlife that surrounds the falls.

What time to get there?

I would recommend getting to Iguazu Falls as early as possible. Remember millions of people visit this spot so you won’t get it to yourself, but the earlier you go, the less crowds there will be. When you get there, head straight to the Devils Throat. This is reached by train which leaves every 30mins. The train will take you to a little station where you walk about 10mins along a walk way until you finally reach the mouth of the worlds most specular waterfall.




Crossing the boarder

Crossing the boarder was way easier than we expected. We crossed from Argentina to Brazil and it literally took us a few minutes. If your staying in Puerto Iguazu, head to the bus station and grab a ticket for just 60 Peso’s. Remember to ask the bus driver to stop off at both immigration stations as sometimes they don’t and you don’t want to be in the country illegally. Our bus driver was really nice and actually waited outside for us to get stamped out. The bus took us straight into the city of Foz do Iguacu.

Iguacu Falls- Brazil Side

Opening Hours; 9am-5pm

Admission Fee– 69 Real.

If your visiting the falls from the Brazilian side, you will most likely be staying in For De Iguacu. It’s about a 45 min bus journey to the falls but again, they take you right to the entrance. The bus station is really easy to find right next to the big supermarket and for just 3 real, the bus will take you straight there. Again, try to get there early in the morning and try to miss some of the crowds.

When you arrive…

You can buy your ticket easily from a ticket machine and then hop straight onto the bus. I’m sure ticket queues get bigger throughout the day so another reason to get there nice and early. The bus is a big double decker and takes around 20 mins to get to the falls. I know, quite a way away.


I would recommend getting off at stop number 12. It gives you an incredible panoramic view of the falls. You think it wont get much better but just you wait as you carry on walking. At this platform, turn left and continue walking all the way up. You will pass loads of viewpoints so remember to stop and take photos and just simply take it all in. It’s all pretty surreal and the extent of the waterfall is just magnificent.


Whats great about the Brazil side of Iguazu Falls, is that you feel like you can get up really close to the falls. The Argentina side was more about seeing the Devils Throat, but Brazil allows you to see Iguazu Falls in all its glory.

When you reach viewpoint 15, you’re probably as close as you’ll get the falls. You’ll know this because of how wet you’ll get! The spray is ridiculous and you will get soaked, but again, it allows you to see its true beauty. Just remember to take your waterproof and probably a waterproof case for your phone and camera.

Iguazu Falls is somewhere you can visit all year round, but obviously it looks a bit different when the seasons change. During dry season the waterfall is less powerful and the river is lower. It can be more picturesque with the skies and sometimes your lucky enough to see a rainbow crossing over the entire waterfall. Although, in rainy season when we visited, the waterfall was in full flow. We might have got absolutely soaked through, but I think we got to see Iguazu Falls at its best. 

If you had to choose one?

If you had a choose a side of Iguazu Falls to see, I would recommend visiting the Brazilian Side. You get to see a lot more of the waterfall in much more of a panoramic view and you can really see how incredible it is. Although, dont chose. You just have to see them both and experience Iguazu Falls in both Argentina & Brazil. It is something we will always remember and will always be a ‘WOW’ moment of ours!

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