Luang Prabang Night Market

Just another night market?

Thats exactly what we thought when we heard Luang Prabang had a night market situated just down the road from where we were staying.

When & Where is it?

The night market is located at the beginning of Wat Mai and running along Sisavangvong Road & is open every night from 5pm-11pm.

Near enough every town we visit, there is a night market and to be honest a lot of them are the same. They sell the same souvenirs, same clothes and some sort of home decor to take home. Nevertheless, we still go and explore to see what each are like and to usually get some sort of cake or pancake.

What was it like?

So nothing changed, on our first night in Luang Prabang we headed straight for the night market and we were so happily surprised. There was no hustle and bustle of people trying to sell you everything as you walked passed or loud music banging from the bars nearby. It was such a nice quaint market and quite a big one for such a small town.

Joe’s not the biggest of fan of shopping but he’s definitely come around more when theres a decent market. I usually stop off at most stalls looking at different tops or bags finding a way to justify buying one, even though I can’t actually fit much more in my rucksack.


Buying items at a market is pretty much the same everywhere. Don’t take the first price they offer you as it will be a stupidly high. Remember to haggle a little but in a friendly way as theres no need to be rude about it. It is their business of course. Joe and I are getting better at bargaining with them but we definitely have our way of doing it. Joe usually just repeats a price over and over again until they agree and not to forget probably using some charm. I however try to reason with them and discuss prices to eventually come to a happy medium. One usually works anyway.

The market was mostly clothes and jewellery, which I was a big fan of but there was also lots of bakery stalls and cakes which Joe loved as he is a big chocolate lover. The cakes were ginormous and just for 8000 kip, a big slice of chocolate cake, went down well! We haven’t eaten much sugary snacks since being away, but since being in Luang Prabang, its hard not to have a little something every day.


What food is there?

We then stumbled across a side street full of street food, that could well easily be missed. It is right at the end of the market on a little side road on the right hand side. It is filled with buffet styled street food that for just 15,000 you take a bowl and fill with as much as you want. Options vary from spring rolls, noodles, rice, vegetables, potatoes and fruit. There is also a bbq next to most stands which sell grilled chicken, sausage and fish for around 15,000. The street becomes so full, it a bit of a squeeze to get down there but its all about experiencing of eating street food and at a very good price!



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