Must have travel gadgets

Going travelling soon and thinking of what travel gadget your might need?

Going travelling is such an amazing experience and sometimes only a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is an incredible thing to be able to do and to have the opportunity to see the world. We are doing just that! Our once in a life time opportunity and our chance to make the most of every place we go and experience together. We try

Here are some of the travel gadget that we have started to use to benefit our trip and we hope we can help others maybe use the same. They each are so useful and we definitely don’t regret taking them with us and carrying them around. Have a little read about them all 🙂


Whether your going for a week, a few months, a year or you have a one way ticket. Anywhere you go, you have to have to capture your moments. Joe and I are quite snappy with our camera and we end up with so many photos. If your the same, upload the Flickr app or google drive. Once uploaded you can delete them all off your phone and they will be saved onto what seems to be an unlimited online hard rive. Bonus!

We use a Canon EOS M10. It was recommended to use before we came away. As were not pro photographers, we didn’t need the fanciest most expensive camera. We just needed something to capture a good photo and something that was company and easy enough to carry around. Our canon has served us very well and were just beginning to learn how to not shoot on auto all the time.

Whether your a happy snapper or not, its always good to take photos so you have something to take home with you. Memories are great and we definitely try to live up to living in the moment rather than seeing it through a screen. However, looking back on a photo on the fridge of that ‘best viewpoint’ or that ‘paradise beach’ you were on. The first time you went surfing or swam with a turtle. You’ll definitely look back and be glad you took that photo.


Depending on what camera you have, its always important to look after it. I suppose a negative to having a camera is constantly worrying if its safe. Well thats my worry a lot of the time. Also, taking care of it with cases and in luggage etc. It’s just another travel gadget of ours that we need to look after, keep safe and keep charged!

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Go Pro

I think it depends on the kind of trip your going on or what sort of photos and videos you want to take. There are many different versions of GoPro these days and other active camera’s you can use which are cheaper. It really depends on what you want. We use a GoPro Hero 5. We mainly use it to get snippets of our trip and where we are to then make into a short video for our youtube channel- and to send to our family. It’s a great little camera to carry around with it that infact takes really good quality photos. There are also loads of accessories that go with it depending on what you use it for. Wristbands, chest harness and even can be attached to helmets. We also have a dome case for ours which is used to capture great underwater shots and photos that are half in the water and half out. It really does a great job and is one of our favourite travel gadget!


Depending on what GoPro you get, they can become quite expensive so it depends on your budget or if your trip will really benefit with one. Its great to have but sometimes it can become a bit of a pain remembering to take it, to take certain videos and how to use it. You need to really learn how to use one and what for before taking it out.

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I think everyone will agree on how important earphones can be on any trip you go on. Whether its for listening to your favourite songs, keeping you entertained on a long journey, or even drowning out the sounds of snoring in your dorm room. Well thats exactly what we’ve used ours for.

Earphones don’t need to be fancy or expensive, they just need to be good enough quality to last you a long trip. We have wireless headphones which have been great- no tangled wires!


Wireless headphones are great but once you’ve been on a long journey, they’ll need to be charged again. You may save time not having to untangle the cable but you’ll have to make sure they are charged before you set off on your forever bus journey.

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Selfie stick & Tripod

You may cringe at the idea of using a selfie stick or tripod. Not going to lie, we felt exactly the same! Well Joe definitely did! “No way are we using the tripod” he often said. He would much prefer asking a ransomer to take the photo. Which is absolutely fine sometimes, but there are times when a tripod definitely comes in handy. Especially when your on a deserted beach or getting the perfect shot without the crowds. There will always be a time where you wish you had that extended arm to get the whole view in or you needed that extra person to take a photo.


It’s just some extra to carry around. As much as you’d like to just carry around your phone and purse, you’ll have extra necessities like carrying out the selfie or tripod. To be honest, its a pain for us sometimes, carrying around a bigger bag just to carry camera accessories for the perfect shot.

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Power bank

Definitely a must have on your travelling gadget for your trip. We have loads! The most handy power bank we have is our portable phone charging case. It’s just like a phone case, but a little bigger and you can carry it around just as you do your phone. There are also various power banks that you can connect to your gadget with a USB cable. So there great on long journeys when you’ve run out of charge or maybe when you’ve run out of battery but need sat nav still. I think there mega important and everyone should have one just incase you do run out of battery and your stuck. Sometimes it more of the safety element than anything else.


Obviously your phone charger and power banks only have so many charges. So make sure they are always topped up, especially before a long trip. Give them a test before you leave to make sure they are charged and they work!

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Are they really a must have?

Obviously it completely depends on what your trip is, your budget and overall preference what travel gadget you want. There are tons of variations to what i have spoke about which range in prices, quality and overall performance. These are just the one’s we use and would definitely recommend other travellers use.


If your thinking of buying any of these gadgets, leave me a comment and il be happy to give you more information!

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