Street Art in Ipoh

Do you keep hearing about all of the street art in Ipoh?  

Ipoh is the third largest city in Malaysia and becoming more and more known to travellers. For just a little city, its becoming a big tourist destination. I think mainly for two reasons. The famous white coffee and of course, the street art in Ipoh.

A little street art history…

The majority of street art in Ipoh was painted by Ernest Zacharevic in 2014. Unfortunately, some have been ruined and you either cant even see them or they just don’t look as good as the others. He painted 7 of the larger murals around the city but again, some have even been painted over. His street art in Ipoh is becoming a big reason as to why tourists s are visiting the small city so get there quick to appreciate his work.

Joe and I had never been very good at researching places…

We seem to be relying on word of mouth or just make it up along the way but Ipoh was always something we kept hearing about and a must do city to visit. Everyone kept talking about the street art in Ipoh and how beautiful it was. As were not really into history and not the biggest fans of going to museums, we were definitely keen to see this street art and see what everyone was raving on about.

Our day in Ipoh…

We had arrived in Ipoh late morning but it was too early to check into our hotel. We thought about just hanging around for a couple of hours, but then it was just wasting a day of exploring. We’re definitely glad we chose to explore as I think it was a most productive day of getting around.

I had explained to Joe that the city was full of street art but I think he expected me to know where each site was. I had no clue. I just knew there was the popular concubine lane and that was about it, so we decided to head towards there. We spent a lot of the day going the wrong way, going back on ourselves and pretty much just getting lost. A lot of the art was found by mistake pretty much, until we actually found a map.

Street Art Trail Map


Maybe you don’t have time to find all the street art in Ipoh on your own or maybe you have a favourite you want to head straight to? If your like us and have no idea where the art is, here is a guide to if not all, but the majority of the street art in Ipoh.


A hummingbird hovering near a tree in the hunt for some food along Jalan Panglima Road.


Ernest did some research with some older locals and they told him that back in the day, this was how the plastic bags of beverages were tied. You will find this mural near Jalan Tun Sambathan Road.


A mural demonstrating the tin mining evolution in Ipoh. Again, this is found along Jalan Panglima Road.

This one isn’t on the map but it is in the same area so you’ll have to do some exploring and find this one close by 🙂

Paper Plane

This one is a bit more difficult to find. You’ll have to keep looking up high and it’s near the Perak Tourist information centre.

Of course we had to stop off at this one. Joe is a big beer lover! This one also isnt on the map but you’ll find it along Jalan Bijah Timah road.


Like a lot of the street art in Ipoh, this was an interactive one. You can sit on the bike attached on the wall and just about sit on the cart ‘carrying the rubbish’. Its definitely had its fair share of visitors as its now a bit wobbly. 


We had the best day walking around finding all the street art in Ipoh. Finding the best way to capture it with the different angles or with the interactive props. They all were so beautiful in their own way.

If you plan on visiting and want more information on the street art in Ipoh or have any questions on where they are. Please feel free to comment and we can help you out 🙂

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