The 4 Islands Tour

The 4 Islands Tour

Paradise around Krabi

Im not really too what to think of this tour but if cost anymore than it did, I would probably be disappointed. I mean it was great to see the islands and have little stop offs, but I don’t think we made the most of them or spent enough time on them really. Although we had no idea what to expect on The 4 Islands Tour so we didn’t really have any expectations so just went along with the day.

Joe & I have travelled around Thailand for a month now and visited many islands, seen a lot of beaches and travelled on multiple boats. If I’m honest, were feeling a bit ‘beached out’. So just a day, well half a day, touring around some gorgeous little islands wasn’t too bad.

We did The 4 Islands Tour with Nang An tour operator and it cost us 400 baht each. 

This included;

  • The long tail boat
  • Unlimited drinking water
  • Lunch & fruit
  • Use of snorkel gear

What it didn’t include was the 400 baht each entrance fee for the National Park. We did know about this before we got there so it wasn’t a surprise but just more money spent.

The Day Tour

Our driver picked us up about 8:45am from our hotel and took us to Nang An pier. We checked in with our ticket and we were given a yellow wrist band. The pier also had people going to other islands or heading to Phi Phi, so it was just to group everyone together to where they were going. We then had to wait half an hour before getting called up and heading to the boat.

The islands

  • Phra Nang Beach
  • Chicken Island
  • Tup Island
  • Poda Island
  • Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang

We headed to Phra Nang beach first which took about 45 mins and a really nice boat journey infact. The weather was glorious with the sun made the water look incredible.

Phra Nang beach is really pretty, just a shame how busy it gets with tourists. It’s quite a small beach so it quite easily gets busy and filled up with people. Regardless, the water and the sand were beautiful and the scenery was breathtaking. Quite a popular spot for a obligatory beach photo so keep walking round the beach so find a empty spot.


The 4 Islands Tour

Chicken Island

A bit of a weird one. Literally a island or rock shall we say, thats shaped like a chicken head. Of course we had to spot for a photo. Then the boat took us round the corner for some snorkelling. We had 30 mins here, although it took about 10 mins for everyone to actually get off the boat. The snorkelling was ok, I think only because the water wasn’t that clear. It was a bit merky. Although the staff were throwing in fish food so we were surrounded by fish and they got so close to our faces. Definitely made some good photos.


The 4 Islands Tour

The 4 Islands Tour

Tup Island

Our favourite one! There were still quite a few people on this beach but it was a bit bigger than the others so everyone could spread out more. We walked round to the other side and it was way more empty. I sat down in the shallow bit of water and so many fish surrounded me. I wasn’t even that deep! It was a pretty cool moment. They weren’t everywhere either and no-one seemed to notice so we had that moment all to ourselves. The water looked pristine and the sand so white and perfect.


The 4 Islands Tour

Poda Island

I think this is where everyone has their last stop and has lunch. It had a little restaurant and even a big ‘Poda Island’ sign. It seemed way more touristy. It was quite a busy one, there were a lot more people and families around. Although we were there for just over an hour so it was perfect to catch up on our tan and have a bit of a swim around.

The 4 Islands Tour


The food was good but basic, although there was plenty of it. There was rice, chicken curry, crispy chicken & vegetables. It actually wasn’t bad and they set it all up on the beach for us. We just took a plate and found a seat somewhere. Joe even went back to seconds so there must have been a lot and pretty tasty.


The 4 Islands Tour


Then it was time for us to head back. Just a short 30 mins and we arrived back at 3pm.

Was it worth it?

I think all in all, The 4 Islands Tour was a decent tour and I am glad we did it. I think like so many places, crowds of people spoil such beautiful spots & large tour groups sometimes spoil a day out. However, you can never help stuff like that and a lot of time we just have to suck it up and make the most of it. Were there to experience paradise which is exactly what we did, regardless of who was there and what might of bugged us a little.

The beaches were incredible and Thailand continued to prove us that it really is Paradise.

If you want to experience a different kind of Paradise, consider visiting Khao Sok National Park. Something you cant miss in Thailand.


The 4 Islands Tour

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