The best snorkelling beach in Koh Tao

A guide to Nangyuan Island

If your looking for crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, then Nang Yuan Island is the place to go. It is by far the best snorkelling beach in Koh Tao. Its an incredible little private island that offers the most beautiful snorkelling experience. Were not big snorkelers to be honest as unless I’m next to a boat, I don’t really like swimming too far out. And then Joe gets freaked out if something touches him without realising. We tried on another beach in Koh Tao but the water wasn’t clear enough and we couldn’t get too far out. Nangyuan was perfect for us and I’m sure, for everyone else to.


So where is it and how do I get there?

The island is literally just next-door to Koh Tao and the best way to get there is by taxi boat. There are lots of people in town asking if you want a taxi so it isn’t difficult to get one. Its just finding the cheapest which might be hard. We went to multiple travel operators who offered 400 baht each return or if we went to the pier and shared a taxi with other people, it would obviously be cheaper. So as we started heading to the pier, we got stopped by a man who offered us 350 baht return. Again, we felt this was far too expensive for just a 15 min boat ride. After a lot of chatting back and fourth, we agreed on 250 baht each return. Happy with that! Never go for the first price people offer you, you can always get it cheaper somewhere else.

Nangyuan Island is literally just a 15 min boat trip away, its so quick and easy to get to.

What you need to know;

  • The island is open from 10am-5pm
  • Entrane fee is 100 Baht
  • No plastic bottles or food to be taken on the island.
  • No water shoes

As soon as you step off the boat, you feel like you have stepped into paradise. Its like something you only see in photos. The beach was just a short walk from the pier and had a long line of sun loungers for you to use. Bare in mind they cost 150 baht to use. So we took a Sarong and laid that at the end of the beach with all out stuff on.

The best snorkelling experience!

It is the perfect place for everyone to go snorkelling regardless of your age, fitness or swimming capability. It is by far the best snorkelling beach in Koh Tao. The water began quite shallow and the further out you went it began to get deeper with more coral. It was beautiful seeing the fish in and out the coral and it was incredible experiencing the underwater life. There are so many beautiful fish and all so colourful. What made it even better was how friendly they were. They would get so close to you as if you could touch them. It was something we’ll never forget.


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Is there somewhere to eat on the island?

Yes! It is a pain that you cant take water bottles on the island but it really is for the good of the island. There is one restaurant there which we expected to be really pricey but infact everything was a decent price. We both got burgers and fries for 160 baht and there were pizza’s or pad thai for similar prices. They also sold water in glass bottles for 30 baht.

The island

There is a viewpoint on the island which unfortunately we didn’t go to. Joe had his water shoes taken off him so he was barefoot and I had cut my foot on the coral. So neither of us were in a position to go walking far. We were told how beautiful it was up there so its a shame we couldn’t go up. So if you do visit the island, make sure you head up there and make the most of the view!

The island is a popular one so expect lots of tourists, however it didn’t really bother us. You can’t expect somewhere like that to be vacant and it wasn’t like you were stepping over people or pushing through crowds. Everyone was enjoying the island just as much as you were.

What made it even better was the way the island was looked after. The fact you couldn’t take plastic bottles or shoes that would spoil the coral. There are so many places in the world that are spoilt by tourists that take places like this for granted. It was nice to go somewhere so beautiful and looked after.

We had the best day snorkelling here and it was our first time experiencing water this clear. We couldn’t get enough of it and were constantly going back in to see what else we could see out there. It was definitely a highlight of our trip and we made the most of the beautiful islands in Thailand.



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