The Cameron Highlands Night Market

Are you like us and love a night market?

Well if your visiting, definitely head to the Cameron Highlands Night market. It’s really popular and whether you want a cheap dinner, some healthy fruit or some naughty treats, you’ll find it there.  Unfortunately, we missed the weekend market in Bangkok and the one in Melaka, So we were mega happy to have made it to the Cameron Highlands Night Market. It’s only open on Friday’s and Saturdays so try to visit on a weekend so you get to experience it.

The Cameron Highlands Night Market

The Cameron Highlands Night Market

The Cameron Highlands night market is a popular attraction for visitors and it starts from 4pm-11pm so plenty of time for you to get there and make your way round. The market was originally in Brinchang town, but now it has moved to a site on the Golden Hills along Jalan Sungai Ruil. If you make your way to get the golf course, you’ll either see signs or crowds of people heading in one direction. It can get quite busy and it can get quite congested with people, so you’ll have to be patient and slowly make your way around.


What is sold there?

Unlike others, The Cameron Highlands night market sell more culinary items rather than souvenirs or clothes. I mean there are plenty of stalls selling those items, but it is primarily full of food. In fact, a lot of strawberries! There are lots of clothes stalls, souvenirs & electronics like every market. There is also a lot of delicious looking street food like noodles & rice with a variety of meat. These prices ranged from about 14-18 ringgit.

So many strawberries!

As The Cameron Highlands is the centre of strawberry production, everything is to do with strawberries. Punnets of strawberries, strawberry drinks, strawberry jam and most importantly, strawberries dipped in chocolate. There are a range of prices for the strawberries but it was roughly 20 ringgit for a big box or 4 small boxes for 10 ringgit. You might aswell just buy the small boxes, but like i said, there are a range of prices. A little cup of strawberries and marshmallows dipped in chocolate was only 5 ringgit. I mean how could we say no. Joe is a massive chocolate lover so we couldn’t really pass it up.


Where to stay in The Cameron Highlands?

If your visiting the Cameron Highlands, i definitely recommend staying at Hotel Check In. It is a lovely hotel with dorms and private rooms. It is about a 20 min walk to the night market and is also surrounded by supermarkets and restaurants. They also provide tours within the area to book with them to really experience the Cameron Highlands.

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