Things to do in Singapore

Top 10 things to do in Singapore

Are you visiting Singapore and not to sure what to do during your stay? It’s a busy city and there is so much do to, i would hate for you to miss out! Whether you are visiting for just a few days or maybe a little longer, here are the top 10 things to do in Singapore.

Little India

Little India is a vibrant and colourful part of Singapore that you must visit if your in Singapore. It is full of insanely incredible murals. So much colour and detail that fills a huge wall along the street. It will be hard to miss any, there everywhere! There are also beautiful brightly coloured buildings to snap your perfect photo, especially the Teng Tan Niah building. To fill your bellies, head to the Mustafa Centre. Firstly, to buy whatever your heart desires in the shopping centre. You can easily get lost in there and if you go hungry, you’ll want to buy everything! Secondly, to have the yummiest Indian food. There is a variety especially regarding price, but have a look around and you won’t be disappointed.

Haji Lane

Our favourite little spot and one of our favourite things to do in Singapore.The closest MRT is Bugis, the lane is quite hard to miss so have some sort of SAT-NAV to help you out. This narrow little street is full of cute boutique shops, cafe’s and bars. Not to forget, the incredible murals on the walls. Mainly above bars and cafes which made them look really cool. The weather was beautiful when we visited so made our day even better just strolling around stopping for a smoothie and a beer for Joe of course. The food is a little pricey down there so either shop around for something more to your budget or maybe save yourself for the local food court.

Old Street Hill Police Station

A popular tourist spot mainly I think for the photo opportunities you get there. However, the architecture there is pretty impressive and the vibrant colourful windows make the street look really pretty. Its definitely worth visiting to capture it and its right next to the river to head for some drinks afterwards.


This little area is bursting with culture and full of colour. There are numerous temples to visit, yummy street food to fill your stomach and hundreds of stall to fill your shopping souvenir desires. Prices can vary for what you eat and what you buy but the prices here are a lot cheaper compared to other places in the city so its good to make the most of cheap food while you can! It can get really busy at the weekends so maybe try to go in the week but definitely visit if your in Singapore. It’s a completely different atmosphere to anywhere else.

Clarke Quay

If your looking for somewhere to have a few drinks and some food then here is the place to go. However, everything is a quite expensive so it depends on what your budget is. Otherwise, its still really nice to walk along the river and get a feel of the night time atmosphere. The riverfront is beautiful when its all lit up. Joe and I went for drinks one night as we just wanted to experience it and our beers cost us around $15 each. Ouch! If your visiting the Old Street Hill Police station, you can walk from there to Clarke Quay so its nice to do them together on one evening.

Orchard Lane Shopping

Perfect for anyone who needs a little retail therapy. For us who have been in SE Asia for 4 months now, it was a bit of a novelty having somewhere to go and shop. Even if it was window shopping, but it was so refreshing getting a couple new t-shirts. There are loads of clothes shops, majority which we don’t recognise. However, your likely to find a H&M and Zara. Orchard Road also includes a big arcadiam full of restaurants and shops. Definitely worth visiting if you’ve got a few extra pennies in your purse.

Gardens by the Bay

The most amazing experience in Singapore and one the most popular things to do in Singapore. Visiting in the day is one thing but its a whole different world at night. The gardens are free to visit but they have the flower dome and cloud forest to also visit. There are large garden conservatories that are full of natures finest. It costs $23 to visit both, but its definitely worth it for the education, experience and just pure beauty. At 8pm every night, the iconic tree like sculptures come alive and there is the most beautiful light show. Definitely don’t miss that! Its completely mesmerising and having the backdrop of the Marina Bay is pretty incredible to. There is a sky walk to walk between the sculptures which cost $8 each. It gets more busy at night time, but if you want a sky high view of the gardens, its definitely worth it.

Bugis Market

Bugis Market is the biggest and cheaper market in Singapore. Its just one big maze of clothes, electronics, and souvenirs. It’s definitely worth a visit to get something cheap. Most souvenirs go for just $1 each! There is also a street food market there that gave us the yummiest sweet and sour chicken for just $4. It’s right near the Bugis MRT to easy to get it and to find. The market closes around 11pm so head down there for some dinner and drinks to.

Botanical Gardens

These are free to visit and are perfect if you want a chilled day. The gardens are huge but its so nice to just walk around, laze about or even go for a jog if your feeling it. There are various restaurants there offering a range of food but be careful as it all is a bit expensive. We walked around the gardens for hours and it was all so pretty.

Universal Studios

A stretch from our budget but felt we had to go! It cost $76 for a ticket and then $4 for a return ticket on the express. Just head to the Harbourfront and get the Sky Train across. It was something we couldn’t miss and it was fun being big kids for the day. We headed there on a Monday and it wasn’t too busy which was good. It wasn’t a huge park, nothing compared to Orlando but if your visiting Singapore, surely you have to go to Universal Studios?


We only spent a week in Singapore but we felt like we could stay forever. It is such a beautiful city and there is so many things to do in Singapore. With so much to do, you can easily fill your days up exploring and although things start getting pricey, there are still loads to do that are free. Just make sure you make the most of your time here and experience this incredible place.

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