Visiting Buenos Aires

Visiting Buenos Aires anytime soon?

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, offers the most vast cultural and modern day experience. Being such a colourful and diverse city, it’s a place we feel everyone has to visit if not for the history but for the food!! For such a charming city, it you have to tick off your bucket list. Visiting Buenos Aires is not for the faint hearted and it is a busy city that is always on the go. The public appeared to very inquisitive about us tourists but you just have to go along with it.

Getting there…

Getting into the centre of Buenos Aires is pretty simple and actually quite cheap. I think a lot of hostels do an airport transfer but we found using Uber was a much cheaper option. The only problem is that you need internet/WiFi while booking the Uber and you need to stay on the WiFi until the driver is actually there. We made the mistake a few times of booking the Uber, moving to the pick up point and the booking cancelling because we lost WiFi. You get charged if you cancel the Uber!!

For a journey into Palermo which was about 45 mins, we paid 500 pesos. That’s including the toll costs and was about £10. For two of us for door to door it was perfect. We’ve spent hours before on buses and trains trying to get to our hostel and it’s even worse with our big bags on.

Visiting Buenos Aires but don’t know where to stay?

Buenos Aires has lots of popular areas where you can stay and close to many tourist attractions. However, we would recommend staying in Palmero. It’s a great little town full of bars, restaurants and shops. It doesn’t seem as busy as the other areas and the street art makes it really colourful.


We recommend staying at The Art Factory in Palmero. It cost us about £6.50 for a 6 bed dorm. The hostel is in a great location just waking distance to the centre, subway and close to so many bars and restaurants. It’s also close enough to walk to Recoleta. The staff are mega friendly and so helpful with any questions, where to go and what to do. They even lent us the 500 Pesos for our taxi as we couldn’t find an ATM.

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Things to do

Buenos Aires isn’t huge, but it’s a beautiful city to walk around, especially when the sun is shining. A lot of attractions are in walking distance so its great to see the city by foot and make your own way around.


Head to the centre of Palmero by the Plaza Serrano. There is a small square surrounded by really nice restaurants and bars. We shared a pizza for £5 and it was huge! Palmero is full of colour with all the graffiti on the walls. There aren’t exactly specific ones to go and see but if you walk around, especially down the side streets, you’ll come across so many!! Some fill the entire wall, some are quite small but they make the town really colourful and are great photo spots! A lot of hostels do free walking tours so if you want to go and find the art more easily, the tours will take you round and give you information on the more famous ones.

Recoleta Cemetery

A weirdly beautiful place to visit and I think considered one of the most unusual cemeteries in the world. The place is a labyrinth of the dead and it’s a resting place for the most famous and wealthiest people in Argentina. It is full of tall sculptures, pillars, statues and marble architecture. It’s pretty easy getting lost and you could spend hours finding the famous spots and getting a full dose of Argentinian history. It’s free to go and you can spend as long as you want there. It’s close to some pretty cool bars to grab some lunch too.

La Boca

Definitely a must if your visiting Buenos Aires. It’s only a small town but its the most colourful place! The shops and houses are painted in bright colours and it has become a really popular tourist site. Some say its quite tacky but we thought it was actually really nice! There are tons of souvenir shops and loads of places to eat and grab a drink. Be aware it’s quite pricey though. The main street is Caminito which is where everyone tries to get a photo. We saw queue’s of people lining up but luckily we were able to grab on just as we were leaving!


Visit Tigre

Tigre is absolutely beautiful and I think some people miss this part as its quite far away. However, if you are visiting Buenos Aires and you have the time, definitely head to Tigre. Just an hour on the train, it’s a breath of fresh air. We were so surprised how beautiful is was. It looked completely different to anyone we had already been in Buenos Aires. It is a beautiful little town on the river filled with little stalls & restaurants. You can also get a boat tour for 200 Peso’s each which is about £4, definitely worth it. I think Joe said about 20 times, “I cant believe how beautiful this place is!”. We literally spent all day there and luckily we came around this huge market, I think because it was the weekend, but it was huge. It had so many quirky shops, we could have spent hours there. The day was perfect with the sun shining!

San Telmo Market

Definitely head to the weekend market in San Telmo. We love a market and it was so different to any other we had been to. Of course there were plenty of souvenir shops and stalls selling sunglasses, but there was so much more. So many antiques & clothings, it was really pretty to walk around. It closes at 8, so its beautiful while the sun sets and then perfect timing to grab some dinner at one of the pubs 🙂

What you need to know before visiting Buenos Aires…

We didn’t know too much about the city before we got there. I mean we had done a bit of basic research like how to get around & where to eat etc, but there’s a couple of things I really wish we had known before we got there.


Everywhere you eat or drink, restaurants expect a 10% tip. We didn’t know this, so it got a bit awkward when they asked for it so stated tips weren’t included in the total. However, you do not have to give a tip if you don’t want to. They will not chase you down the street. However, if you had great food and service, then maybe leave a little if you wish.


When paying by card you will obviously receive a receipt. However, when signing, you will need to present some sort of ID and in most cases write down your passport number. Most places wont let you pay by card if you don’t have any ID on you.

Dog Poo

Yep thats right! For some reason there are so many dogs in Buenos Aires. You’ll often see dog walkers walking about 10 dogs at a time. So with this in mind, imagine the mess left on the street. I mean, it’s not within every step you take but it’s enough to keep an eye out when walking along. Just watch your step!

Tap Water

After being in SE Asia for so long, we are really used to drinking bottled water and brushing our teeth with bottled water. However, you can drink the tap water in Buenos Aires but if you do fancy something fresher then bottled water is quite cheap in the big supermarkets.


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