The most beautiful waterfall

Our trip to Loas was very last minute so we didn’t really do any research on what to do or where to go. Although some friends we met, did recommend the Kuang Si Waterfall. We had never heard of it before but after just googling it, we thought we definitely had to go. I knew we would be seeing a lot of waterfalls on our trip but this one looked pretty impressive.

Getting to Kuang Is Waterfall.

As soon as we got here, we weighed up our options on the best ways to get there.

The guest house we were staying at, Chitlatda Bila House, (which by the way I would definitely recommend staying at for just $9 a night for a private room) offered a tour to the waterfall for just 35,000 kip each. Although this was one of the cheaper options, the earliest we could go was 11:30am

and to be honest, we are a bit fed up of doing tours on a scheduled time and having to follow round a tour guide. Even this was the cheapest option, it wasn’t our best option.

We then spoke to a Tuk-Tuk driver who offered 200,000 kip for two people. We considered it, as Tuk-Tuks are easy, they just take you when you want to go and where. However, for 200,000 each, it wasn’t really in our budget.

Our last option was getting a scooter for 100,000 kip so only 50,000 kip each. This was much cheaper and more convinient for us. We were able to leave when we wanted, stop off wherever necessary and go at our own pace. Joe is a much better driver than I am, so I hopped on the back and we were able to tackle the bumpy roads well. Sometimes its better just to make your own way there and explore the area in your own way and you can stop off as many times as you like.

When we arrived…

We parked up our little scooter in the nearby car park for just 2000 kip which we thought was a fair price. Although, as we decided to leave early, we got to the waterfall at around 9am. This was great as there was nobody around. Although, the negative to this was that we had no clue where to go.

One of the locals then recommended that we walked around the mountain, passed the springs to eventually reach the top of the waterfall. We thought, well why not? It was still early, the sun was shining and it would be nice to go for a walk to the top rather than go straight to the waterfall.

So off we went on this 3km walk. However, the nice idealic nature walk turned into a muddy, wet & long trek. Due to the rainy season, the paths were thick with mud, some covered with deep puddles and we ended up surrounded by bugs and spiders. Not quite the walk we expected. With the lack of signs, we finally reached to what we thought was the top of the waterfall. We balanced over logs and broken bridges to get try to find our way, only to see that the only stairway down the waterfall was covered with the powerful water. We were absolutely gutted. The stairway was far too dangerous to attempt to walk down. Our only option was to turn back and walk back the way we came back to the main entrance

The walk back was a grumpy & silent walk as we were so annoyed we had to walk all the way back and as it was getting later in the day, we knew more tourists would be arriving.

We got back to main entrance which was literally a 30 second walk from the car park and paid a reasonable 20,000 kip entrance fee each. To be honest, considering how popular the site was, we thought it would be more.

Kuang Si Waterfall

You could hear the power of the water from so far away, which we can thank rainy season for that. Without the rain, the waterfall wouldn’t half be as impressive.

We found the map that gave us two options to reach the top of the waterfall. One was to trek through the jungle or the other to use clear pavements and bridges. After the walk we just did, I’m not sure why again, we considered the trek, but we did. So off we went up the hill of thick mud & deep puddles. We were slipping and sliding everywhere. We didn’t even get half way and we had enough so we turned around and pretty much slid back down to the bottom and took the clear pathway instead.

We finally reached the most perfect viewpoint of the impressive 50 metre waterfall. The power of the water was incredible as it poured in to multiple rock pools at the bottom. Each rock pool was accessible to swim in but on far in you could go, was dependant on the season. A lot of people, just paddled around the edges as the flow of the water was strong. Again, due to rainy season, the water wasn’t turquoise as we had seen on google or instagram, but more of a brown colour. However, this didn’t matter at all. The waterfall was so beautiful itself, that just the colour of the water was irrelevant.

Due to the timing, the waterfall was getting busier and busier with tourists and this was only at around 11:30am. We would definitely recommend getting there earlier for less crowds.

Where to eat?

Right by the entrance, there are a few restaurants to eat at but also a number of smaller food stands with drinks & snacks. The restaurants were reasonably priced & had good food. We got a grilled fish, some rice and banana pancakes for a total of 60,000. Considering we were next to one of the most popular sites in Loas, we thought this was a pretty good price.

Was it worth it?

Definitely! Kuang Si Waterfall is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth visiting if you are in Loas.

Our day didn’t really go as we planned and there were times where we wanted to give up and go back. We are so glad we didn’t. If you want to go see the Waterfall, consider different options on how to get there depending on what you prefer & your budget. Its easy to go for the first option, but its not always the best option for you. Try to also go early as possible for less crowds and more opportunities for that perfect photo.


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