Visiting the Batu Caves

Im sure like we did, you have seen the magical photos posed in front of these colourful steps at the Batu Caves. We were fooled by Instagram and google about how beautiful this place actually was. I mean, everyone should experience somewhere for themselves and have their own opinion, but for us, visiting the Batu Caves wasn’t all it was hyped up to be.

The Batu Caves is a place of worship for Hindu’s and it attracts millions of visitors every year. However, ever since its new coat of paint, its become even more popular and even more poeple are visiting the Batu Caves. Located just 11km from Kuala Lumpur the temple actually situates inside the cave. Although i think a lot of people just got to get a photo with the colourful steps. We did!

272 Colourful Steps!


Getting to the Batu Caves


Depending on your confidence with foreign public transport, getting the train there is pretty easy. Especially as the Batu Caves have a direct train there. Obviously the cost will depend on where you are departing from but it will most likely cost just a couple of ringgit. Once you get off the train, its just a 5 min walk and clearly signposted.


There are plenty of taxi’s in the city but your best bet is getting a Grab taxi. There really reliable and a much cheaper option than a normal taxi. We decided to get a Grab taxi and it cost us just 15 ringgit. Not bad between two of us. The only issue is that you need internet/WIFI to use the app so when you get a Grab back, you have to find WIFI to order another one.

Our visit

We had been told by a lot of people how popular this tourist spot was and after seeing a lot of photos, we really wanted to get a nice one in front of the stairs. We sacrificed our lie in and headed to the caves early morning and got there at 7:30am.  “Its going to be empty” we though. We could’nt be more wrong. It wasn’t full of people but a lot busier than we expected. We tried our best but the photo just wasnt happening. Too many people and just not the right angle. So we gave up and headed up the stairs. 272 to be exact. 

Tips & Info

  • Opening hours; 06:00am- 21:00pm
  • Free admission
  • If you want a nice photo with less people, get there early. You wont regret it.
  • Take water with you. Especially on a hot day, those stairs are tough!
  • Watch out for the monkeys. They are everywhere so hide any snacks you might have.

Was it worth it?

We were a bit disappointed visiting the Batu Caves. The area was dirty and smelled funny. The stairs were colourful but a bit gross and the temple didn’t seem to be as special as other temples I had seen. It’s true how much photos and instagram can fool you and give you a false impression of reality. Were not the best morning people, well Joe isnt. So getting up early, trying to take a photo in a place that wasn’t that great, just wasn’t happening. We had no motivation to explore, to learn and our bellies were rumbling. I dont feel the visiting the Batu Caves is really worth it but for just a cheap trip over there and a free admission, it wasn’t a huge loss. It’s all about the experience and what you learn from it.

Visiting the Batu Caves

Have you visited the Batu Caves? Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂




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