Visiting The Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands

Visiting The Cameron Highlands is becoming more and more popular with people travelling around Malaysia. We kept getting told by so many people that we had to go and that it is such a beautiful place. They weren’t wrong.

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It’s a completely different place to where we have been so far on our travels. Especially with the weather as it has been the first time we have walked around in trousers and jumpers. The sun does come out and it does get warm but the temperate drops to about 18 degrees in the evening. For us, it got a bit chilly compared to other places we’ve been, but it creates the best environment for growing plants, vegetables and most importantly, tea! Visiting The Cameron Highlands is definitely a completely new experience.

What is there to do?

If your visiting The Cameron Highlands, know that seeing all the attractions is mainly done by going on tours. You can hire a scooter in the town and make your own way round, but as there are a variety of tours to the attractions, that it made more sense for us to do it that way.

We booked our tour with Adventoro a small but friendly company in the area. We decided which tour we wanted to do and they were really helpful giving us more information and they were always quick to reply to any of our queries. We booked onto The Grand Adventure Tour for 90 Ringgit.

Whats included?

  • An a friendly English speaking tour guide.
  • Transport to each attraction and return to your hotel.

What’s not included?

  • Entrance fee’s
  • Lunch

What to wear and take with you?

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes. Depending on the weather, I would recommend wearing long trousers/leggings and comfortable walking shoes or trainers. Definitely take a waterproof with you just incase of a little downpour.
  • Water; there are shops along the way to purchase water but it’s good to take enough with you to last.
  • Camera; there are so many gorgeous photo opportunities that you would hate to miss if you didn’t bring you camera.
  • FYI; If you have one, don’t take your drone. The tea plantation is private property and doesn’t allow any drones to be flown over.

The Grand Adventure

Our driver picked us up from our hotel promptly at 9am. We were with a small group of 6 which was great and had a handy 4×4 to drive us around. The driver gave us a quick description of our itinerary for the day and we headed off.

The Butterfly Farm

First we arrived at the Butterfly farm and to be honest, we weren’t quite sure what to think about it. Considering it was a butterfly farm, they had a variety of insects, bugs and reptiles. There was also, rabbits, gineau pigs and turkeys. As we looked around, the animals habitats weren’t big and they didn’t exactly seem very looked after which was quite upsetting. The whole area was quite small and wasn’t the type of attraction we were expecting or would go to. Although the actual Butterly enclosure was nice. It was full of greenery and beautiful butterflies flying around. There didn’t seem very many of them but from what we saw, they were really pretty and colourful.


BOH Tea Plantation

Next we were taken to the tea plantation. Bare in mind the windy roads to get there and the excessive beeping of the horn going around corners. However, the plantation was beautiful. It was as if the tea plants went on forever, creating this sea of green. 8000 acres of it to be exact. Everywhere you looked it was a beautiful landscape.

Our driver dropped us of and explained he would meet us at the end of the road. A bit strange we thought, but we were with a good group of people so we didn’t mind. He said we could either walk back down the road to him, or walk along the hillside. We spent the next 45 mins or so, taking photos and admiring the view.

Note- Unfortunately, the tea factory and cafe is closed on Mondays which was when we did our tour. So if your keen to visit the factory, make sure you book it on another day.

Mount Brinchang

Over 2000 metres above sea level, we were taken up a bumpy and windy road to The Cameron Highlands highest peak. We climbed a number of stairs to reach the platform which gave us the most beautiful view. Definitely the perfect spot for a photo. It can get quite busy and you’ll have to wait for people to come down, but it definitely worth the climb up there.

The Mossy Forest

Our driver then walked us down to the entrance of the Mossy Forest. He showed us a small pathway into the forest that we had to climb into. Again, he explained a point to meet him once we made our own way round. Luckily, it was too much of a complicated area as we could have easily become quite lost. The Mossy Forest was really nice, but again not to what we expected. We thought it would be bigger to explore when infact, we only really walked around as small section of it. The driver explained there are many sections to the forest, so it might be best to clarify before the tour where in the forest you’ll go and how long for. Nevertheless, it was full of greenery and obviously mossy areas. Watch your step as if becomes quite slippery, especially if its rained.

The Strawberry Farm

The Cameron Highlands is the centre of strawberry production in Malaysia and they are an iconic part of visiting the Cameron Highlands. You’ll find everything strawberry, you can’t miss it. Food, drinks and even clothes!

At the strawberry farm, you can get given a box and then go around picking your own strawberries. You will then pay depending on the weight of the box. I think its around 4 Ringgit for every 100g. There are also a variety of food options like scones, waffles, ice cream all ranging up to about 10 ringgit each.



We were taken to a small complex and given an hour to get our own lunch. There were a lot of options there whether it was Malaysian, Indian or Western Food. We ended up sharing a curry, rice and Naan which came to 33 Ringgit.

After lunch we were taken to a variety of places around the town, all within a couple of minutes to each other. To be honest, they were a bit random.

  • The market square; a small market ranging from cheap souvenirs to a variety of street food. It wasn’t the best market we had been to but the driver seem surprised we managed to walk around it so quickly.
  • Cactus Point; a shop simply selling a variety of cacti. Again not too sure why we went here and the driver was unsure to why we managed to walk around so quickly. I mean, buying a cactus wasn’t really on the top of our shopping list.
  • Sam Poh Buddhist Temple; After travelling around SE Asia for the past 5 months, we have seem our fair share of temples. Regardless, we still made our way around. It wasn’t the best temple we had seen and it was quite empty. I think Joe was more interested in the Koi Carp that he found in a little pond by the entrance.
  • Time Tunnel Museum; a collection of memorabilia dated back to the 50’s and 60’s in The Cameron Highlands. This was quite interesting seeing how people lived back then and seeing the particular decor within coffee shops, homes and even barber shops.
  • Parit Waterfall; One of the smaller waterfalls in The Cameron Highlands and I think the biggest one is too far out of town. It was a nice, picturesque waterfall, even though it wasn’t very big. You can take a choice of pathways. Either through a bit of a jungle over tree roots dodging muddy puddles, or on a pathway along side the river. There are also a few steps to walk up to reach the bridge towering over the waterfall which is nice to sit on and make the most of the view.

At the end of the day around 4pm, we were taken back to the Hotel. Our driver said the time of the tour can vary as it depends on how long everyone decide to spent at each attraction.

We were glad we did this tour as it gave us a real insight into the history, culture and perfect scenery of The Cameron Highlands. However, there are a variety of aspects to the tour which I suggest you either research into or double check with the company before booking. Compared to other tours, we were left to explore on our own and we weren’t given much information or history not the attractions. It completely depends on what you expect or want from a tour to whether this is something for you.


Visiting the Cameron Highlands should definitely be on your list of places to go if your travelling through Malaysia. I would suggest visiting for just a couple of days and make the most of it while your here. Explore the area, head to the weekend night market and go on a tour that best suits you! If your interested in touring the Cameron Highlands, visit and you’ll find a whole range of tours at a price that is best for you. Their customer service is great and would would not regret booking with them.

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